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We are on a roll

We are on a roll

There are times in a day or week where you wish you had a clone.  I mean, if I could clone myself I would get twice the amount of stuff done on a daily basis.  Working to earn income, building a camper van conversion from scratch, and finding time to write, eat, sleep and relax can burn up 24 hours in about 10 minutes.

The last week has been a whirlwind of activity.

The van build has seen some really cool and exciting new additions since the last time we updated our journal.

No More Storage Unit

First of all, we emptied our storage unit.  There were a few memory boxes, our bicycles, and some miscellaneous items.  We went to pick up our bikes to clean them up to sell.  Once the bikes were out of the storage, there was so little left that we decided to go ahead and empty it out.

No more items are in storage, so that means no more $50 a month coming out of our pockets.  It also means though, that we have to decide what we are going to keep and what we are going to let go of.  As much as we would like it to, not everything is going to fit inside of our sweet little van.

As we were going through our stuff and discussing selling our bikes, we came to the decision to keep our bicycles after all.  They are great bikes and so much fun to ride.  We know it would be nice to have a bicycle to ride while we are parked camping sometimes.

We are buying a ladder for the van

The thing is now, we will need a bike rack to carry them around with us.

A Sprinter bike rack for our van will cost us around $500 – $600.  If, however, we buy a ladder for the van, and then a bike rack that attaches to the ladder, it will cost significantly less.

So, guess what we are about to order for our van.  That’s right, we are buying a ladder now.  We initially wanted a ladder for the back of the van but decided it really wasn’t necessary.  Our telescoping ladder will still come to good use when we build our cabin on a piece of land.

Kitchen Counter and cabinet done

We cut, sanded, stained, and coated our kitchen countertop.  We love it so much!  It turned out exactly how we had hoped.

van life kitchen counter
We now have the kitchen cabinet installed with the outside faces covered with stained cedar tongue and groove wood.  The lighter stain on the cedar against the darker stain on the butcher-block countertop looks amazing!

We also have our closet walls just about covered in cedar tongue and groove as well.  We decided to stain each of the closet cedar pieces with different colors of stain for a different look.  Nat nailed it!  She did a super job with that project.

van life closet walls with cedar tongue and groove
We also got our sofa attached and finished.  All we have to do now is finish screwing in the screws for the piano hinge.

Today, we plan on finishing up some fine details of those projects and prepare to install another solar panel and finish up the roof.

Stay tuned!

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