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Van Life Accessories

Van Life Accessories

Van Life Accessories Living in a van is more than just having a mattress on the floor and “winging it”!  There are some essential van life accessories that will drastically improve your van life experience from the start.  If you haven’t yet started living in a van, then you are one step ahead of us…

Is Van Life Safe?
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Is Van Life Safe?

Is Van Life Safe? Is van life safe?  We hear it all the time.  How dangerous it is to put ourselves “out there” for all of the worlds.  To expose ourselves to the many different cultures and areas we know so little about.   So, is van life safe after all?  Well, really, that all depends…

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We’re Nat & Don (& Kona!)
Like most Americans, we lived most of our lives in a traditional setting: one location, with a family while we worked 40 hours or more a week at traditional jobs.
Well, we changed everything!
We quit those jobs, and are building our new life full of adventure, living our dreams!
We started this blog to share our journey with you and provide tips to help you get started living your life on your own terms!

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