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Welcome to Skoolie Life! We are Nat & Don! (And Kona & Kinzie!)

We met on myspace in 2007 through our mutual High School network (that’s right, we were in the same graduating class in High School, but never met!

Don and Nat - 21 pages apart in the MerrittIsland High Yearbook.
Don and Nat – 21 pages apart in the MerrittIsland High Yearbook.

We married in 2008 and spent the next 10 years living and working in our hometown while raising 6 kids from Nat’s first marriage. 

Nat & Don - Wedding Day 2008
Nat & Don – Wedding Day 2008

Fast forward to September of 2018, we bought an old School bus in Virginia, drove it back to Central Florida, and spent the next 15 months converting it into our tiny home on wheels.

We bought a bus!
Our 32ft Flat Nose Skoolie, “Caroline” in Nekoosa, Wisconsin

After living and traveling in our school bus home throughout 2019 all of 2020, we decided the bus was just too big, so we sold the bus and bought a van to convert!

Adding Windows to our Sprinter Van

We hightailed it back to Florida where we built out our DIY Van conversion in 5 months. We are traveled full-time all over North America with our two pups Kona and Kinzie.

We loved our van life adventures every day. Living our best life and our pups were living theirs!

We lived and traveled in our van for nearly 2 years. We had so much fun, met some amazing people, and seen some epic things.

swivel seat and couch in 144 sprinter van conversion
Swivel Seat in our Sprinter 144
sprinter van conversion work station
fold away queen bed in a 144 sprinter van conversion

Over 35,000 miles and 38 states in that Sprinter van and every mile, state, and visit was a memorable adventure!

Well, we decided to buy another bus. This time, a dog nose 8 window skoolie. A touch smaller than our first bus, but easier and easier to drive.

skoolie project nat and don in the wild

We are just about finished converting it to our perfect tiny house on wheels. We are looking forward to sharing a tour with you soon this summer!

Thanks for following along!

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