Van Life slider windows 1033

Our Flarespace slider windows are in!

Finally! Our Flarespace Slider Windows are Installed

Van Life slider windows 1033

Yes, we are still pinching ourselves to make sure we aren’t just dreaming!  Our Flarespace slider windows for our flares are actually installed now!

The flares and slider windows with screens were ordered back in December 2020.  Early December 2020.  Well, it is now April and they are finally installed.  It isn’t because we waited so long to get them to put on the van, it is because the window manufacturer has a huge backlog of window orders and cannot seem to catch up.

install slider windows in a van

The slider windows that we have installed on our flares are actually different ones than the ones we paid for and order so long ago.  The original windows were CRL windows and these are from Flarespace themselves.  We would be potentially waiting another 6 months for the CRL windows to be shipped and that really would not work with our build schedule as we are planning to re-start our travels by the end of April.

So, we received our windows a couple of days ago and they are on!  We love the finished look of the side of the van now!  It is much more sleek, stealthy, and just sexy now!

Sprinter 144 with slider window and flare

The flares were installed onto the sides of the van back in February.  Since we didn’t want to drive around with two big holes in the side of the van, we went to Home Depot, bought some plexiglass, cut it, and installed that as a temporary window.

Sprinter 144 Flare window

Suffice it to say, but we weren’t thrilled with the look.  The slider windows are a world of difference in Raven’s appearance.  They have been in a couple of days now, and fortunately, it has rained both days.  We’re happy to report that there are no leaks!  No one really likes it when it rains, because it slows down our build progress, but the timing could not have been better.  Now we can confidently go forward knowing our new slider windows will hold up to any nasty weather we run into!

It’s about as gorgeous a day as it could be today!  The skies are clear, there is a nice breeze blowing through the trees, and the temperature today is a nice and cool high of 69 degrees.  Today, we are looking forward to getting 7-8 hours of solid work done on our van build.

Our goals for today are to get our upper cabinet over the sofa installed, and our solar generator shelf built and installed.  Mount the solar generator into its spot in the closet.  If time permits, start the installation process on our diesel heater.

It’s an ambitious goal to get all of that done today…

Truth be told, we will be happy to get at least half of that done today!

Stay tuned…

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