March 12th The Ceiling is almost done

The ceiling is turning out better than e had hoped. Of course, our expectations as with all of our van build is high, but we are really digging how it is looking. We are using thin tongue and groove cedar attached to a 1/4 inch plywood board. We decideed to go with a “blueish” stain for the ceiling. A blue ceiling is not something we have ever seen before in any kind of van conversion or bus conversion. So, we are pretty excited about that.

Tomorrow, we will coat the stain with a matte polyeurathane finish and once that is dry, we will begin to drill holes for our Starry Starry Night design. Right now, we are planning on using a little over 300 strands of fiber optic strands to design a spiraling galaxy shape with some outlying stars alongs the path.

The previous fiber optic ceiling we designed and installed in our skoolie a couple of years ago was a little over 400 fiber optic strands spread out randomly over a 9×5 foot section of that ceiling. This time for our van conversion, we are only going to use 3 x 8 foot section of the ceiling.

We have lots to do today! Stay tuned for the end result and pics!

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