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We are nat n’ don in the wild

We are Nat and Don, along with our little nomadic pup, Kona, living and traveling in our converted van, a Mercedes Sprinter 144. Technically, as of writing this blog, we are currently building out our van while living in a 35′ RV on some friend’s property somewhere outside of Jacksonville, Florida. I mean hey, if you are going to be building a van, skoolie, or anything for that matter, Florida is a really nice place to make that happen.

We have been traveling full-time now for going on two years. We started out living and traveling in our 32′ Thomas skoolie we converted over a 15 month period while we were living in a condo and working full-time jobs beachside on the East coast of Central Florida.

Before I get too far ahead of myself, allow me to properly introduce ourselves and tell you how we got to the place where we packed up, and decided full-time nomadic traveling was what we wanted to do.

Nat is an artist, graphic designer, web-developer, and all-around technical bad-ass. She has University degrees in graphic design as well as marketing. Her passion however is art. She loves to draw, design, and create. When the mood is right and she is inspired, whether it is a pencil, pen, paintbrush, or digital brush on her I-pad or computer, she can create art like poetry. As soft and delicate as a daisy, while as cool and fierce as a warrior at the same time! She has been an integral part of our skoolie and van builds. Her innate ability to create and design things in her mind, then take a saw, power tool, or hammer and create it has been a beautiful thing to witness and be a part of.

Don is the other part of this combo. Writer, creator, and Nat’s biggest fan! His background is University educated with a long career in the Insurance industry. After hanging up his corporate shoes, he became a successful Realtor before deciding that writing and traveling was his full-time passion. Spending time in the bush, on the water, or anyplace surrounded by nature is his natural chi.

We have both traveled outside of the United States more-so than within our United States. We decided a few years ago that living in one geographical place was not how we wanted to spend our remaining years on this planet. Now, after living and traveling full-time in a custom-built retired school bus for a year and a half, we have decided to continue our travel adventures in a custom-built Mercedes Benz Sprinter van. Van life will be much different than skoolie life, but the constant that remains and we will be living life on our terms and exploration and adventure is at our doorstep.

We are completing the entire build all ourselves, so, join us on our adventures and let us take you alongside us as we travel, explore and see what all is out there to be discovered!

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