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Best Countries For A Digital Nomad Visa

Best Countries For A Digital Nomad Visa

Obtaining a digital nomad visa is easier than ever now. In fact, it is getting easier and easier every day.

It used to be that you had to wait until retirement age to travel and tour countries for months at a time.  Perhaps you were in a field that allowed you to work for a company or a government job that put you on foreign soil.  

Most of the time with the latter though, it wasn’t entirely up to you which country you got to live and work in, it was an assignment from the “boss”.  The same concept applies to the United States.  If you live and work up North, you are likely to vacation somewhere in the south.

We, as humans, tend to travel for luxury or entertainment to those places we have never been or the places where our souls and energy intimately connect.  

In 2022, it is very different.  With the ease and availability of on-the-go internet, we could, theoretically, work from anywhere. Getting your digital nomad visa and working from your dream location is very doable.

digital nomad
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Your specific job, skillset, or vocation may seem to have you limited to a geographical location or region, but, if you step back and look at all of your skills, knowledge, and abilities, you may see something that would allow you to work remotely.

Imagine This

Working and living in one of your favorite vacation destination locations whenever you want.  Getting paid to work an enjoyable job while living in paradise.  

It may seem too good to be true, but it is not!  In fact, millions of people are doing it on a daily basis.

We are doing it on a daily basis and have been doing so for almost three years now.

How can this be you ask?  We work remotely and go where ever we want.  If you are interested in getting started on how to “Make Money Online or Remotely”, click on that link and let us know if that helps get you started.

By obtaining a digital nomad visa, not only can live, work, and travel anywhere in the United States, Canada, or Mexico, but you can do all of that almost anywhere in the world.

What Is A Digital Nomad Visa?

A digital nomad visa is a special visa issued by certain countries that offer to those travelers who work and travel on the road digitally. 

There is no office.

There are no cubicles.


There certainly isn’t a time clock you have to punch in when you arrive and then leave work for the day.

Having your own digital nomad visa allows those of us who have chosen to exchange the traditional, corporate 9 to 5 work day for a job that we can do in our underwear on the couch, sitting by the pool, or looking out over the crashing waves of a tropical beach somewhere.

Do Digital Nomads Need A Digital Nomad Visa?

Whether or not you need a digital nomad visa, or just a visa itself depends on how long you plan on staying in the particular country you will be visiting.  Most countries offer U.S. citizens entry without a visa from two weeks to 6 months. 

It is best to check with the country’s tourism and immigration department on specific requirements regarding length of stay.

Currently, in 2022, there are 142 countries worldwide that do not require a visa for U.S. citizens to visit.  However, that does not mean you can stay indefinitely.

Is it illegal to be a digital nomad?

Whether or not it is illegal to be a digital nomad depends on the country you are traveling in and whether or not you are working. More and more countries are offering a digital nomad visa every day.

Most of us carry a smartphone, tablet, or laptop computer with us when we travel.  Even when we travel for pleasure, we still have our electronic devices with us. 

world traveler digital nomad visa
Young female digital nomad sitting on chaise-longe on the sandy beach and working on a laptop

What we do with those electronic devices constitutes whether or not we break any laws in the particular country we are visiting and possibly working in.

Visiting any country on a tourist visa has its privileges as well as its restrictions.  If you are visiting a country on a tourist visa, yet you work as a digital nomad on your computer, tablet, or smartphone, technically, you are technically breaking the law.

Since most countries’ immigration and labor laws were written before the internet era, there is a grey area as to whether working remotely or as a freelance is legally or technically considered work.

The thing is though, who is going to know you are working?  Unless you are letting others know up front that you are working doing nothing more than browsing the internet, streaming a movie or video game, or uploading a video to Youtube.

We are not condoning or encouraging working as a digital nomad on a tourist visa.  What you do on your time while traveling is your business, but we encourage you to follow all rules when visiting a country outside of your home country.

How Do Digital Nomads Get A Digital Nomad Visa?

For countries that do allow a digital nomad visa, there is an application process to go through to obtain one.  For most countries, the application process takes a long time.  

Applying plenty of time before your planned trip will allow you the time to meet your traveling goals.  

Check with the country’s immigration and tourism department to inquire if they offer a digital nomad visa.  If they do, start the process by either completing the application online or by printing the application, completing it by hand, and either faxing or mailing it to the appropriate department.

Other than that, there really is nothing else to be done, other than waiting on your digital nomad visa to be processed and approved.

For those countries that have yet to offer a digital nomad visa, you simply apply for a tourist visa.  As we mentioned earlier, most countries’ immigration laws have yet to be updated to address digital nomads, freelance workers, or remote working.

Use your best judgment when asked by an immigration official what the purpose of your travel to their country is. 

For us, we always say our travel is purely for pleasure.

Which Countries Are Allowing Digital Nomad Visa?

There are many countries that offer a digital nomad visa for individuals who plan to visit their country for both pleasure and work.  

Whether you are a freelance writer, photographer, or artist, or plan on working remotely for your business or as an employee for a company, a digital nomad visa is appropriate for you.

Many countries are in the process of updating their immigration laws and visa programs to include a digital nomad visa.  In the meantime, we have outlined several countries around the world where a digital nomad visa is available.

Our Earth continues to become smaller and smaller with new technologies that allow us to work and play almost simultaneously anywhere in the world.  

digital nomad visa

With the latest advanced technology of StarLink, soon, we will have handheld devices that allow us to have satellite internet anywhere on Earth.  

For now, though, enjoy the digital nomad experience in the following countries that offer a digital nomad visa.


Ah, the romance, history, and intrigue of meandering around Europe, country to country, enjoying the people, diverse foods, and beautiful sights.  

Most people take a week, maybe two, to vacation in Europe.  Cramming in as many touristy sites and experiences as time, money, and energy will allow.

For the digital nomad though, having a digital nomad visa, time is a little more of a luxury than it is a commodity for the average tourist.  As a digital nomad, days can turn into months. 

It allows the digital nomad to understand the culture, vibes, and rhythms of small villages and locals. The subtle nuance differences of the same meal, but from different areas.  

Unfortunately, at this time in 2022, not all of the EU countries offer a digital nomad visa, but the ones that do, make it easy to live, work, and play in the historically rich, culturally diverse, and breathtaking landscapes of these countries.  

Here are the European Union and surrounding countries that offer a digital nomad visa.

The quality of Life Index (higher is better) is an estimate of the overall quality of life by using an empirical formula. That formula takes into account, the pollution index (lower is better), cost of living index (lower is better), safety index (higher is better), health care index (higher is better), and climate index (higher is better).

As a point of reference for each of the countries below:

United States

Cost of Living Index: 70.13 (Lower is better)
Quality of Life Index: 170.72 (higher is better)
Internet Speeds: (landline)  180 Mbps /  Mobile: 67 Mbps
Safety Index: 48.16 (Higher is better)
Health/Medical: 69.06 (100 is the best)
Crime Index: 51.84 (lower is better)
Pollution Index: 35.33 (lower is better)

It is also worth noting that internet speeds will vary depending on the areas of the country you are in.  With the availability of StarLink internet service now, many countries have a wider availability of fast internet.


You all already know that Iceland is green and Greenland is icy.  Iceland, one of the most beautiful countries globally, offers a digital nomad visa.

Living and working in Iceland is very expensive.  In fact, it is one the more expensive countries to live in on a daily basis than anywhere else in the world.  Obtaining a digital nomad visa whole living and working here, you can make some mad-cash.

Iceland digital nomad visa

Cost of Living Index: 94.86
Quality of Life Index: 183.40 (higher is better)
How Long You Can Stay: 6 months with a digital nomad visa
Cost of Visa:  $7,800 ISK  ($61 USD)
Income to Prove: $1,000,000 ISK ($7,768 USD)
Internet Speeds: (landline)  180 Mbps /  Mobile: unable to determine
Safety: 76.47
Health/Medical: 66.36 (100 is the best)
Crime Index: 23.53 (lower is better)
Pollution Index: 68.81 (lower is better)

United Kingdom

England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland, are all a part of the United Kingdom.  Traveling from one country to another is as easy as traveling from one state to another in the United States.  The history, culture, food, and drinks here make traveling and working seem the same.

United Kingdom digital nomad visa

Cost of Living Index: 69.65
Quality of Life Index: 163.14 (higher is better)
How Long You Can Stay: 6 months.  Extensions can be purchased if you travel to the UK frequently for up to 10 years with a digital nomad visa
Cost of Visa: $131 USD for up to 6 months
Income to Prove: Evidence of sufficient funds to cover your stay in the UK.  ( bank statements, income tax returns, fixed deposits) 
Internet Speeds: (landline) 50.42 Mbps / Mobile 35.61 Mbps
Safety Index: 53.44
74.83 (100 is the best)
Crime Index: 46.47 (lower is better)
Pollution Index: 40.20 (lower is better)


Norway, with its rich Scandanavian culture, majestic snow-capped mountains, deep coastal chords, and glaciers makes living and traveling in this country like a fantasy movie set.  While Norway is as beautiful as any country in the world, it is also one of the most expensive to travel to and live in as well.

Norway digital nomad visa
Beautiful yellow rorbuer and houses in Sarkisoy village, Lofoten islands, Norway. Winter landscape with traditional Norwegian rorbuer, sea, snowy mountains in fog at night. Old fishermen’s houses

Cost of Living Index: 100.90
Quality of Life Index: 176.39 (higher is better)
How Long You Can Stay: 6 months to 3 years with a digital nomad visa
Cost of Visa:  €600 ($644 USD)
Income to Prove: €35,719 ($38,308 USD)
Internet Speeds: (landline) 173.88 Mbps / mobile: 178.70 Mbps
Safety Index: 66.15
76.83 (100 is the best)
Crime Index: 33.85 (lower is better)
Pollution Index: 17.95 (lower is better)


Germany has long been one of our favorite countries to travel in.  While we have yet to visit as a digital nomad, the country has so much to offer, and a relatively affordable place to both visit and live as a digital nomad. 

Bustling cities and romantic rural countryside.  Small villages all over Bavaria and castles have inspired the likes of Walt Disney for Cinderella’s castle.  (Castle Neusweinstein)

Germany digital nomad visa
Neuschwanstein castle in Bavarian Alps, Germany

Cost of Living Index: 65.58
Quality of Life Index: 176.74 (higher is better)
How Long You Can Stay: 6 months to 3 years with a digital nomad visa
Cost of Visa: €100 ($107 USD)
Income to Prove: proof of sustainability and a German address
Internet Speeds: (landline) 138 Mbps / mobile: 89 Mbps
Safety Index: 63.18
Health/Medical: 72.50 (100 is the best)
Crime Index: 36.37 (lower is better)
Pollution Index: 27.75 (lower is better)


Portugal is an often overlooked gem in Europe.  For both visiting as well as living as a digital nomad.  Inexpensive to visit and live, coupled with some of the warmest and most genuine people on Earth, Portugal is a place where dreams come true.  

As a digital nomad, you can stay here for up 5 years on a digital nomad visa.  

Portugal digital nomad visa
Lisbon, Portugal City Skyline over the Baixa district at dusk.

Cost of Living Index: 47.94
Quality of Life Index: 162.52 (higher is better)
How Long You Can Stay: 1 to 5 years with a digital nomad visa
Cost of Visa:  €83 ($89 USD)for the visa and €72 ($77 USD)resident permit fee.
Income to Prove:  €600  ($643 USD) per month (this can come from different sources)
Internet Speeds: (landline) 166.00 Mbps / mobile: 62.11 Mbps
Safety Index: 69.42
71.97 (100 is the best)
Crime Index: 30.58 (lower is better)
Pollution Index: 30.48 (lower is better)


Spain is one of the most influential countries in Europe still today.  Its rich culture, food, and traditions are unrivaled anywhere else in the world.  

While it has historically been one of the three countries of Europe to offer influence worldwide, it is still today the grandest picture of style, elegance, and passion in all of Europe.  

Spain digital nomad visa

Cost of Living Index: 53.88
Quality of Life Index: 168.48 (higher is better)
How Long You Can Stay: 1 year and can be renewed with a digital nomad visa
Cost of Visa: €97.06 ($140 USD)  (Non-Lucrative Visa)
Income to Prove: €2,151 per month ($2,305 USD) (Non-Lucrative Visa)
Internet Speeds: (landline) 207.62 Mbps / mobile: 64.44 Mbps
Safety Index: 66.13
78.37(100 is the best)
Crime Index: 33.87 (lower is better)
Pollution Index: 39.66 (lower is better)


Greece is one of those countries that exudes history, mythology, and mystique.  It is one of the most romantic countries in Southern Europe and the Mediterranean region.  A collision of cultures pureed into a culture of its own.  

Greece digital nomad visa

Cost of Living Index: 56.22
Quality of Life Index: 129.24(higher is better)
How Long You Can Stay: 1 year up to a maximum of 3 years
Cost of Visa: €75 ($80 USD)
Income to Prove: €3,500 ($3,752 USD) per month plus 20% for spouse/partner and 15% for each child
Internet Speeds: (landline) 39.46 Mbps / mobile: 93.23 Mbps
Safety Index: 52.59
57.31(100 is the best)
Crime Index: 47.41 (lower is better)
Pollution Index: 51.94 (lower is better)


Cyprus is one of the most unique places to live as a digital nomad.  It is the third-largest and most populated island in the Mediterranean.  With a cost of living index similar to the United States, living here is akin to a tropical paradise in the Mediterranean.  

Cyprus digital nomad visa

Cost of Living Index: 59.03
Quality of Life Index: 147.10 (higher is better)
How Long You Can Stay: 1 to 3 years with a digital nomad visa
Cost of Visa: €60 ($64 USD)
Income to Prove: €3,500 ($3,752 USD) for main applicant + 20% for spouse and 15% for each minor
Internet Speeds: (landline) 51.81 Mbps / mobile: 168.72 Mbps
Safety Index: 67.88
51.94 (100 is the best)
Crime Index: 32.12(lower is better)
Pollution Index: 56.85(lower is better)


The Caribbean is one of the places on Earth where storytelling, fantasies, and reality all have some common truth intertwined together.  

There is a saying in one of Jimmy Buffet’s songs, “ changes in latitude, changes in attitude.”

People do not travel to the Caribbean Islands because it is an uptight, stressful, and negative energy place to be.  

On the contrary, whether you say Hakuna Matata, no worries, Pura Vida, it’s all good, or aloha, the Caribbean Islands have a warm, chill, and laid-back attitude like nowhere else on Earth.

The perfect environment for a digital nomad to escape to for a little work, play, and relaxation.


Barbados is an independent British commonwealth country.  With a deep mix of British and African cultures, this country offers a unique living experience for digital nomads. 

Famous for its beaches, botanical gardens, Harrison’s Cave formations, and 17th-century plantation houses and estates, there is plenty to do and see here.  When you want to relax, sit on the beach and watch a sunrise or sunset over the crystal waters of the Caribbean ocean.

Barbados digital nomad visa
Beach of the Caribbean islands

Cost of Living Index: 92.37
Quality of Life Index: 169.12 (higher is better)
How Long You Can Stay: 1 year with a digital nomad visa
Cost of Visa: $2000 individual or $3000 for a couple/family
Income to Prove: $50,000/year
Internet Speeds: (landline) 111.99 Mbps / mobile: unknown
Safety Index: 53.06
Health/Medical: 69.95 (100 is the best)
Crime Index: 46.94(lower is better)
Pollution Index: 24.88 (lower is better)


Antigua and Barbuda is an independent commonwealth country comprising two primary islands and several smaller ones where the Atlantic ocean meets the Caribbean.  

Resorts, rain forests, and reef-lined beaches are what it is best known for. 

Antigua Barbuda digital nomad visa
Shirley Heights, Antigua view.

Cost of Living Index: 64.03
Quality of Life Index: 168.83 (higher is better)
How Long You Can Stay: 2 years with a digital nomad visa
Cost of Visa: $1,500 individual, $2,000 a couple $3,000 for a family of 3 or more
Income to Prove: $50,000/year
Internet Speeds: (Landline) 64.7 Mbps/mobile: unknown
Safety Index: 43.08
30.6 (100 is the best)
Crime Index: 56.92(lower is better)
Pollution Index: 23.10(lower is better)


Bermuda which lies at the apex of the Bermuda triangle is a northern tropical island British territory.  Known for its pink beaches, Bermuda is one of the most expensive places to live in the world.  

While it is a British territory, it has a rich blend of both American and British influences.  Unless you have deep pockets, this would not be an ideal location for a digital nomad.

Bermuda digital nomad visa
created by dji camera

Cost of Living Index: 146.04
Quality of Life Index: 174.79(higher is better)
How Long You Can Stay: 1 Year with a digital nomad visa
Cost of Visa: $263
Income to Prove: Enough to support yourself (which is a lot in Bermuda)
Internet Speeds: (landline) 73.6 Mbps / mobile: unknown
Safety Index: 63.97
67.08 (100 is the best)
Crime Index: 36.13(lower is better)
Pollution Index: 11.65 (lower is better)

Cayman Islands

The Caymen Islands comprise three main islands in the western Caribbean which is a British overseas territory.  Home to unique and endangered birds, such as the Red-footed Boobie, the Caymans are a haven for wildlife and outdoor enthusiasts.

Some of the best SCUBA diving in all of the Caribbean.

Cayman Islands digital nomad visa
A female scuba diver watches a Hawksbill turtle swim lazily above a reef in the Cayman Islands.

Cost of Living Index: 57.48
Quality of Life Index: 171.13 (higher is better)
How Long You Can Stay: 2 Years with a digital nomad visa
Cost of Visa: $1,469
Income to Prove: $100,000 per year for a single, $150,000 per year for a couple, $180,000 per year for a family
Internet Speeds: (landline)100 Mbps is $90 a month and 500 Mbps is $225 a month
Safety Index: 66.70
65.67 (100 is the best)
Crime Index: 33.30 (lower is better)
Pollution Index: 24.89 (lower is better)

The Bahamas

The Bahamas are the next-door tropical paradise off of Florida’s southern coast.  Easily accessible by personal boat, the Bahamas is a tropical paradise mixed with a little bit of Las Vegas flair.  

Often described as the happiest place in the Caribbean, there is no shortage of good food, water activities, and good times.

Bahamas digital nomad visa

Cost of Living Index: 84.00
Quality of Life Index: 113.66(higher is better)
How Long You Can Stay: 1 to 3 years on a case-by-case basis
Cost of Visa: $25 application fee. $1000 for the first applicant and $500 for each dependent.
Income to Prove: Letterhead from your current employer or proof of self-employment and income
Internet Speeds: (landline) 63.58 Mbps / mobile: 29.23 Mbps
Safety Index: 37.09
Health/Medical: 40.06 (100 is the best)
Crime Index: 62.91 (lower is better)
Pollution Index: 62.80 (lower is better)


A beautiful country that shares the island of Hispanola with Haiti, the Dominican Republic is as diverse as anywhere else on Earth, in such a small landscape.  Mountain highlands, savannahs, and rainforests are just some of the topographical elements of this independent island nation.

Very affordable for digital nomads to live, work, and play.  If you are looking for a laidback island experience to inspire your creativity, Dominica would be a great place to call home for a while.

Dominica digital nomad visa

Cost of Living Index: 41.77
Quality of Life Index: 113.23(higher is better)
How Long You Can Stay:  Up to 18 months with a digital nomad visa
Cost of Visa: $100 application fee (non-refundable), $800 single person, $1200 for a family.
Income to Prove: $70,000 per year
Internet Speeds: (landline) 36.93 Mbps / mobile: unknown
Safety Index: 47.07
(100 is the best)
Crime Index: 52.93 (lower is better)
Pollution Index: 17.24 (lower is better)

St. Lucia

St. Lucia is an independent island nation in the eastern Caribbean.  Known for its volcanic beaches, pristine coral reef diving sites, and the Pitons mountains.  

Relatively expensive to live and visit, it is a go-to destination for honeymooners and vacationers from all over the world.  

St. Lucia digital nomad visa

Cost of Living Index: 74.23
Quality of Life Index: 168.14 (higher is better)
How Long You Can Stay: 1 year with a digital nomad visa
Cost of Visa: EC$190 ($75 USD) per person
Income to Prove: None
Internet Speeds: (landline) around 25 Mbps / mobile: unknown
Safety Index: 39.57
49.89 (100 is the best)
Crime Index: 60.43(lower is better)
Pollution Index: (lower is better)

Central America

Central America doesn’t get nearly enough credit for its luxury living.  It’s all a matter of perspective.  If you are looking for Four Seasons accommodations and 5-star uptight restaurants on every corner, then this is not the part of the world for you.

Central America does offer rural landscapes, delicious, organic foods, and some of the most genuine, down-to-earth, warm people you will ever meet.  Besides all of that, it is geographically, one of, if not the most, inexpensive regions on Earth as a whole to live in.

Let’s take a look at some Central American countries that love their digital nomads!


Viva la Mexico!  Mexico is often dismissed as a viable place to call home, but a great place to vacation. 

We say, why not do both?  We love Mexico!  Very inexpensive to live and enjoy life.  The people are some of the warmest and most laid-back people on Earth.  The topography, proud history, food, and drink make being a digital nomad in Mexico a dream come true!

While Mexico does not currently have a Digital Nomad Visa, it is still one of the easiest countries in the world to visit and work. For those, and the other reasons above, we feel it is worth including in the digital nomad work countries.

There are two ways to live, travel, explore, vacation, and work as a digital nomad in Mexico.

  1. Normal tourist visa
  2. Temporary residence visa

The Normal tourist visa is good for up to 180 days. If you plan on staying in Mexico for longer than 6 months or 180 days, then you should consider a temporary residence visa.

Mexico does not require a visa for most countries, including the United States.

The temporary residence visa is good for those who plan on staying in Mexico for more than 180 days. It also allows those foreign individuals to open a local Mexican bank account, rent or buy vehicles, and travel in and out of Mexico without restrictions.

Mexico digital nomad visa

Cost of Living Index: 33.35
Quality of Life Index: 124.90 (higher is better)
How Long You Can Stay: 1 to 4 years
Cost of Visa: n/a
Income to Prove: $1,620 a month or a bank balance of $27,000
Internet Speeds: (landline) 56.82 Mbps / mobile: 34.63 Mbps
Safety Index: 46.32
72.83 (100 is the best)
Crime Index: 53.68 (lower is better)
Pollution Index: 58.46 (lower is better)

Costa Rica

Pura Vida!  A popular saying in Costa Rica that translates to Pure Life!  That is the mantra of this Central American country. 

One of the most beautiful countries we have been to along with some of the most precious, warm, and loving people we have ever had the privilege of knowing. 

From beautiful beaches on the Pacific to the crystal waters of the Caribbean, beach life knows no end here.  In the middle of the country, there is a lush and vibrant rainforest that sits below one of the tallest and biggest active volcanos in America, Mount Arenal. 

Costa Rica is affordable, safe, and comfortable to live, work, or play.

Pura Vida!

Costa Rica digital nomad visa
Majestic waterfall in the rainforest jungle of Costa Rica.

Cost of Living Index: 47.01
Quality of Life Index: 122.07
How Long You Can Stay: 2 years with a digital nomad visa
Cost of Visa: $250
Income to Prove: $2,500 per month over the last 2 years or make a deposit of $60,000 in a bank in Costa Rica.
Internet Speeds: (landline) 60.70 Mbps / mobile: 35.15 Mbps
Safety: 46.14
62.75 (100 is the best)
Crime Index: 53.86 (lower is better)
Pollution Index: 44.66 (lower is better)


Every time I see, hear or read Panama, I can’t help but think of and hear Van Halen.  Aside from being one of the best songs in the 80’s rock era, Panama is a vibrant and very ex-pat-friendly country at the bottom of Central America.

Relatively inexpensive to live in, it is a very friendly country for those not born there.

Panama digital nomad visa

Cost of Living Index: 51.43
Quality of Life Index: 114.32
How Long You Can Stay: 9 months to 18 months with a digital nomad visa
Cost of Visa:  $300 USD
Income to Prove: $36,000 USD /year
Internet Speeds: (landline) 137.72 Mbps / mobile: 21.82 Mbps
Safety: 56.08
61.15 (100 is the best)
Crime Index: 43.92(lower is better)
Pollution Index: 58.72(lower is better)

South America

To get to South America, there are only two ways to make that happen.  By plane or by boat.  There is no driving to South America from Central America.  Despite the fact the bordering countries are connected by land, there are no navigable roads connecting the two continents.  

That is because the area between Panama and Columbia is called the Darian Gap.  90 miles of swamps and rainforests that have no roads.  


Brazil is a country of contradictions.  It is the world’s 5th largest country in the world and 6th by population.  Contrary to its population is also is home to the largest rainforest in the world. 

There is literally nothing you can not experience while living or traveling in Brazil.  It is a cornucopia of adventure, opportunity, and exploration.  

It is currently the only country in South America to offer a legitimate digital nomad visa.

Brazil digital nomad visa

Cost of Living Index: 33.24
Quality of Life Index: 107.04
How Long You Can Stay: 1 to 2 years with a digital nomad visa
Cost of Visa: Unknown
Income to Prove: $1,500/mo USD
Internet Speeds: (landline) 128.31 Mbps / mobile: 35.56 Mbps
Safety: 32.99
57.84 (100 is the best)
Crime Index: 67.01 (lower is better)
Pollution Index: 53.84 (lower is better)


There are so many things we can say about Asia as far as living, visiting, and being enveloped and surrounded by all of the ancient cultures all of its countries and regions have to offer.  You could spend a hundred lifetimes there and never experience all there is to offer.

Currently, there is only one country in all of Asia that offers a digital nomad visa.  That does not mean, however, that digital nomads can not enjoy and thrive in many countries.

There are a few countries that are currently working on developing a digital nomad visa.  Stay tuned, as these countries progress, we will let you know.


Taiwan is still in the middle of a geopolitical chess match with the People’s Republic of China regarding Taiwan’s sovereignty.  Aside from that, is a beautiful, intriguing, and magical place to live, work, and play. 

An island unto itself, Taiwan has something to offer all walks of life.

Taiwan digital nomad visa
The Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial in Taipei, Taiwan at dusk.

Cost of Living Index: 62.35
Quality of Life Index: 140.15
How Long You Can Stay: Open-ended with a digital nomad visa
Cost of Visa: $100 to $310 USD depending on nationality and duration.
Income to Prove: $5,700 USD per month, but you can also enter with skills to sustain your lifestyle.
Internet Speeds: (landline) 154.89 Mbps / mobile: 96.97 Mbps
Safety: 84.13
86.43 (100 is the best)
Crime Index: 15.87 (lower is better)
Pollution Index: 64.58 (lower is better)

Africa/Middle East

There are so many different countries to visit in and around Africa and the Middle East.  Although not very many countries offer a digital nomad visa, there are numerous countries where digital nomads can live, work, and play for months or even years at a time with a tourist visa.


Mountain rain forests,  coral reefs, and miles and miles of beaches.  Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands off the east coast of Africa. 

Spending time here as a digital nomad is an affordable wonderland everyone should experience at least once.

Seychelles digital nomad visa
Beautiful beach with white sand on a tropical island in Seychelles – The famous beach of Anse d’Argent in La Digue

Cost of Living Index: 65.93
Quality of Life Index: 135.16
How Long You Can Stay: 12 months with a digital nomad visa
Cost of Visa: €45 ($48 USD) per person
Income to Prove: undetermined
Internet Speeds: (landline) 34.46 Mbps / mobile: unknown
Safety Index: 60.81
60.19 (100 is the best)
Crime Index: 39.19(lower is better)
Pollution Index: 35.34(lower is better)

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka formally Ceylon is an island country off the lower tip of Africa in the Indian Ocean.  Very inexpensive to live.  In fact, one of the cheapest places to live in the civilized world.

Sri Lanka digital nomad visa
Tropical sandy beach at dawn. Sri Lanka

Cost of Living Index: 31.29
Quality of Life Index: 67.88 (higher is better)
How Long You Can Stay: 30 to 90 days  Extensions can be purchased for up to 270- days.   with a digital nomad visa
Cost of Visa: $150 for 90-180 day extension, $200 for 180-270 day extension. 
Income to Prove: Non
Internet Speeds: (landline)28.49 Mbps / mobile: 17.69 Mbps
Safety: 58.79 (1 is the safest)
72.10 (100 is the best)
Crime Index: 41.21(lower is better)
Pollution Index: 60.18 (lower is better)

Cape Verde (Cabo Verde)

Officially named the Republic of Cabo Verde, this string of Islands sits in the Central Atlantic ocean.  Life here is very affordable and has a rich culture and appreciation for the simpler things in life.

Considered a poorer country by most standards, it is in fact one of the richest countries by quality of life.

Cape Verde Cabo Verde digital nomad visa
Aerial view of Tarrafal beach in Santiago island in Cape Verde – Cabo Verde

Cost of Living Index: 39.44
Quality of Life Index: 170.72 (higher is better)
How Long You Can Stay: 6 Months up to one year with a digital nomad visa
Cost of Visa: €20 ($21.43 USD) Visa fee, €34 ($36.42 USD) Airport fee
Income to Prove: €1,500 per month Individual, €2,700 per month family ($1,606 USD per month Individual, $2,892 USD per month family)
Internet Speeds: (landline) 38.66 Mbps / Mobile:  Unknown
Safety: 48.98 (1 is the safest)
82.41 (100 is the best)
Crime Index: 43.05 (lower is better)
Pollution Index: 39.76 (lower is better)


Mauritius is one of the most geographically diverse Indian Ocean nations.  The interior is mountainous and the coast is lined with pristine coral reefs.  Rain forests, waterfalls, hiking trails, and diverse wildlife make this island country a sought-after gem of the Indian Ocean.

Mauritius digital nomad visa
Mauritius Island panorama with Le Morne Brabant mount

Cost of Living Index: 44.08
Quality of Life Index: 170.72 (higher is better)
How Long You Can Stay: One Year with a digital nomad visa
Cost of Visa: Free
Income to Prove: Be self-employed, or work for a company
Internet Speeds: (landline) 38.68 Mbps / Mobil 30.91 Mbps
Safety: 51.62 (1 is the safest)
58.44 (100 is the best)
Crime Index: 48.09 (lower is better)
Pollution Index: 55.24 (lower is better)

Many countries are in the process of working toward offering digital nomad visas.  It is a slow process, especially with Covid 19 issues still lingering.

As more countries expand their immigration and visa requirements, we will keep you posted on the latest developments.

How much does a digital nomad visa cost?

As you see from the list of 24 countries we have profiled above, the cost of a digital nomad visa varies from one country to another.  It is always best to check with your country of travel beforehand to ensure the cost of a visa or digital nomad visa has not changed.

From the research we have done ourselves, plan on spending anywhere from nothing/free to $1,000 or more per individual digital nomad visa depending on what country you may be traveling in.

Working in a different country than what you grew up in is an experience you can not afford to pass up given the opportunity.  

Learning a new language, eating foods you have never heard of, and meeting people that are so incredibly different from you, while exactly like you at the same time have no price you can put on it.  

Expand your world, broaden your horizons and increase your wealth of personal growth and experiences.  It does not matter what the cost of the digital nomad visa is, it is worth it tenfold.  

How do I become a nomad In 2022?

This is the question we get asked the most.   What steps do I take to become a nomad?

The process of becoming a digital nomad can vary slightly from one person or one profession to another.  In general, however, if you have the education, skills, degrees, certifications, or licenses, and the willingness to live and travel in an unconventional way, then you are well on your way to being a digital nomad.  

Digital nomad visa
Digital nomad traveling the world

Here is a simple or high-altitude look at what it takes to become a digital nomad and travel the world on a full-time basis.

  1. Have the skills, certifications, licenses, education, and ability to work a job that is conducive to getting accomplished regardless of where you put your seat.
  2. Have an updated passport or passport card.
  3. The financial means to travel abroad.
  4. Have the mindset and mental acuity to live a lifestyle that requires the ability to adjust, adapt and conform to different cultures and environments that what you may be used to.
  5. Be able to obtain a digital nomad visa from the country you are planning on living/visiting and working in.

Pay special attention to #4.  Having the mindset and mental acuity to live the lifestyle of a digital nomad may sound and seem easy while reading over it.  

The reality is, however, that if you are like most people, changing your mindset from a corporate 9 to 5 work mentality is a process that requires patience and diligence.  

Once your brain has been re-programmed and “fixed”, then the world can become your oyster.

Wrap Up To Best Countries For A Digital Nomad Visa

Being a digital nomad is as simple as finding a skill you possess or can develop and offering that skill to others who are willing to pay for it.  As long as there is an internet connection available to you, you can work, live, play, and make money almost anywhere in the world.  

As technology continues to reach new horizons, our planet Earth becomes smaller and smaller.  It is such a good thing.  

So, With all of the new technologies, today, more than ever in our history as a species, that we know of anyhow, we are able to explore, interact, and experience other peoples’ cultures in such a profound and natural arena.
As we move ahead in our ever-changing history of this world, more and more countries are looking for ways to open their borders to other people. 

We expect the number of countries offering digital nomad visas to double within the next five years.

Soon enough, there will be almost nowhere we can roam and explore as digital nomads and be welcome to work, play and live where our fantasies have only ever been able to dream about.

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